A Smart Move

1. Well, let’s start with the obvious; if you do the Online PADI Certification course now, you’ll get a special quarantine discount of 25% in May. We think that’s reason enough, but read on in case you’re not yet convinced. There are more goodies to come.

2. The online course includes all theory, your PIC (PADI Identification Card), your certification fees, and it cuts down your classroom time while on vacation. Less time in the classroom and more time on the beach.

3. There’s no time like present: this rings true under all circumstances. The chances of us eventually doing something usually decrease when we put it off. We don’t know what the future will bring, so strike while the iron is hot.


4. Most of us are spending more time at home, and not altogether productively. Sick of Netflix yet? Quarantine and worldwide crises will do that. So, here is the perfect opportunity to use that time at home to achieve something that will make you feel good today and really good when you use your certification for the first time post-quarantine.

5. Getting PADI certified online will open doors for you: it could be the first step to a new future as a dive instructor; it will certainly be the beginning of a passionate love affair with the underwater world and an exciting new hobby. 

6. Diving keeps you fit, brings you to beautiful destinations around the world, and introduces you to fantastic like-minded souls. We are in a time when we can only dream of those things as we experience isolation from others, travel restrictions, and limitations to how we stay fit. Getting your diving certification online is a practical step in making those dreams a reality.

7. If you take the Online PADI certification with Bahia Divers, you will complete it with a quick 25-question refresher exam on location at our exquisite Xpu Ha beach – a unique dive shop location right on the shores of the Mexican Caribbean.

Worthy Causes

8. When you get certified with Bahia Divers, you’ll become an honorary member of our Dive Tribe family – attested by a free t-shirt. When we say family, we mean it in all senses. If you’re a parent, bring your children along when you complete your certification. We provide exclusive Dive Care services while you’re out exploring the Caribbean.

9. Bahia Divers is one of the only dive shops on the Riviera Maya that offers inclusive services for the differently abled. We support you through your certification, and you’ll be supporting our inclusivity efforts by choosing us as your online PADI certification trainer.

10. Bahia Divers supports the Mexican government recognized turtle protection programme at our Xpu-Ha beach location. Over the past 4 years, we’ve assisted in the release of thousands of baby turtles into the Caribbean Sea. Choosing us allows us to continue sustaining the local conservation efforts of the Riviera Maya. Read more about our efforts here: Caribbean Conservation Activities at Xpu-Ha Beach

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch for further information. If you’re ready to dive in, register for your Online PADI Certification here: I want my PADI certification!