There are many amazing conservation efforts in the world today. Here, at Xpu Ha beach, we perform various Caribbean conservation activities. They include our sea turtle hatchery program and lionfish reduction efforts. 

Predatory Lionfish

Many of our highly skilled instructors lead groups on lionfish hunts. These venomous lionfish wreak havoc upon the reef due to their high numbers and predatory nature. Therefore, if left unchecked, lionfish will cause destruction of the reefs and native fish stocks. In turn, this endangers the livelihood of those who depend on fishing. This species is not indigenous to our Caribbean waters. It has invaded from the Indo-Pacific regions. However, these creatures are just as tasty as they are poisonous. So you will often find us enjoying meals of lionfish ceviche after a hunt.

Sea Turtle Protection Program

The sea turtle program is one of our most popular Caribbean conservation activities. In fact, it has been even been endorsed by the Mexican government. It is a vital factor in these creatures continuing to thrive in our local waters. If you join us on the right evening between May and November, you may take part in a baby turtle release. It is an unforgettable experience and of great conservational importance. Local newspaper The Playa Times took part and wrote about their positive experience. Read it here: Teeny Turtles: Releasing the Next Generation. 

We love the work we do, and protecting our stunning sealife is both a duty and a privilege. So, contact us for further information, and join us on an upcoming lionfish hunt or sea turtle release.