Cenote Diving with Bahia Divers is an experience you will never forget. This majestic region, of under ground rivers, was actually named “The 8th Wonder of the world”, by The National Geographic Society”, in 2007. Allow us to introduce you to this advanced world of diving. This is the ultimate adventure!! You must be Open Water certified, prior to these excursions.

Cenote Diving

Due to the endless visibility, shallow depths, and easy access, Cenote Diving available to divers of all experience levels.

Non-diving family or friends wont miss out and can enjoy great snorkeling with our experienced snorkel guides, within the surface and open air area, of many of the cenotes we dive..

Cenote DivingNo previous Cavern experience necessary!!!!

Our Cenote Diving trip will take us to one of the many spectacular cavern systems like Chak mool, Dos Ojos, Taj Mahal and many more.

The day starts with a short drive from your hotel, to our beach side dive center. Here, we will gear up with wetsuits and all needed dive equipment for Cenote Diving. Then we are just minutes away, from these amazing dive sites, located in the rich, mysterious jungles.


After an informative briefing from our multilingual cavern guides, we gear up and venture downward, into an unforgettable adventure. In small groups, of four divers, to maximize safety and fun, we will enjoy two separate dives, in two different areas. It is important to rest between these dives, so we take a 30 minute break in between the dives, for a sandwich and refreshments.

Photographers and videographers, get ready for the shots of a lifetime!!!!

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