Cozumel Diving with Bahia Divers is an experience you will never forget. The Island of Cozumel is WORLD FAMOUS, for it’s drift diving, along the second largest barrier reef, in the world. The visibility is absolutely incredible and the abundant marine life promises to deliver an extraordinary dive, each and every time.

Cozumel Diving will leave you mesmerized, as you dive into this National Marine Park, filled with the natural splendor that makes Cozumel a superior dive destination, but these waters also took the No.2 spot as the best destination for “advanced diving”, in the entire Caribbean and Atlantic. Divers from around the world are drawn to this island, as it is well know, for incredible wall diving and altering currents, which bring in a wide array of larger marine animals.

Cozumel Diving

Cozumel Diving

Due to the natural currents of these waters, sediments are not allowed to settle, therefore this area boast over sized gorgonians and corals. Water temperatures in summer warm to 85 degrees, thus these waters are filled with loggerhead turtles, green moray eels, schools of extremely colored fishes and nurse sharks. When the water temperatures cool in winter, to 75 degrees, the cooler waters bring in higher numbers of the “oh so elegant” eagle rays.

Upon your visit with us, we will be taking the ferry, from the city of Playa del Carmen, to Cozumel. Our journey will take approximately 45 minutes and we will then be boarding our Bahia dive boat directly to our Cozumel Diving spot. Our adventure will consist of two dives, one tank per dive, with a break between dives, for some rest and refreshments.

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