Visit our non-crowded and pristine diving environments, leaving directly from the beautiful beach of Xpu Ha. These Caribbean waters offer a wide variety of dives including drift dives, wreck dives, wall dives, shark dives, turtle dives and much more.

Don’t miss out on diving the world’s 2nd largest barrier reef!

Dive sites to the North


This beautiful 30m dive takes us along the amazing coral canyons that characterize this dive site. As we swerve in and out of these canyons perpendicular to shore, we can see many different corals and sponges. This dive site boasts many species of marine life like porcupine fish, turtles, eagle rays and much more.


Translated this site is called “Groupers” As the name says, it is a great place to find large groupers and often boasts schools of jacks and colorful fish.


This shallow dive takes us to a maximum of 15m and generally has excellent visibility. Among the beautifully decorated bottom we can find many moray eels, lobsters and sometimes nurse sharks.


As the name “Small Cavern” says this dive site is full of swim-trough’s and overhangs covered with colorful corals. Being a shallow dive with little current it is perfect for beginners and first time divers. Turtles and large barracudas are often seen here.


Not reaching a depth beyond 7m this dive site makes for long colorful dives. Here, we can enjoy good visibility and the many large patches of colorful corals surrounded by schools of tropical fish.

Dive sites to the South

El Dorado

The deep canyons of this dive site reach a maximum of 38m but is generally dived to 30m and is home to a wide variety of corals and sponges. Whilst gliding between the passages of this beautiful dive site we can see barracudas, rays, large moray eels and nurse sharks.

Cuernos de Alce

Translated the name means “Antlers of Deer” and boasts a large amount of huge antler shaped corals. Among the platforms of coral there are many large chimneys reaching towards the surface housing schools of fish. Occasionally the large remoras come to seek company by sucking onto the divers tanks!!!


This deep dive is perfect for Nitrox and Advanced courses. This dive site boasts amazing coral formations and a wide variety of large marine life and is known to give the occasional surprise visit of rarely seen marine life like Eagle rays or sharks.